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Champion 25-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter Review

Log splitters are a critical tool used by homeowners and business owners to speed up the wood splitting process.  There are three main types of log splitters but they all function in the same way, they use force to slam a log into a wedge, splitting the log in half.  You can now choose from a wide variety of log splitters, but finding the right one is not always easy.

With that being said, you can now select from a range of electric or gas log splitters that offer big advantages. They make use a of motor that drives the logs into a wedge allowing people to split larger quantities of wood as well as larger logs in less time.

People use log splitters for different reasons, so you must to keep in mind your specific needs in order to find the best log splitter for you.  If you do not have the physical strength required to split wood with a manual log splitter or a log splitting axe, then buying a gas model is an ideal choice.

Champion Gas Log Splitter

Purchasing a gas log splitter can become an overwhelming task. There are several different manufacturers and models to choose from. They come in different driving forces (tons of splitting capacity) and have different features that are useful to different people.

With this in mind, we would like to present to you the Champion 25-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter by Champion, one of the best brands in the industry. This durable and powerful log splitter coverts from horizontal to vertical in seconds, allowing you to handle big logs easily.

About The Product

One of the main things you should consider when choosing a gas log splitter are the tons of driving force and the size of the logs it can handle. The champion 25 ton log splitter offers 25 tons of splitting capacity and can handle logs up to 24 inches long weighing up to 100 pounds. It is built with a durable frame that can be towed behind a vehicle or ATV at speeds up to 45 mph.  It features a 2-inch ball hitch coupler and has large 16 inch balloon tires for easy towing.  

The Champion 25 ton log splitter weighs in at 430 pounds, and is delivered in a crate. It is 71.3 inches long, 28.3 inches wide and 19.1 inches tall and has a .9 gallon fuel tank.  The engine oil capacity is .6 quart and the recommended oil is 10w-30 and it does feature a low oil shut-off. The hydraulic oil system has a 5 gallon oil capacity which operates at 11 gpm to battle through large logs.     

This powerful gas log splitter also fits it the bed of a pickup for easy transportation if you will be transporting long distances.  

The easy three step conversion from a horizontal to vertical log splitter takes only seconds. This allows you to never struggle with large logs again eliminating the need to lift them into the cradle.  

Champion Gas Log Splitter

The Champion 25-ton features a powerful 224 cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine that has a 12 second cycle time and auto-return value capable of 300 cycles per hour.  

You will instantly notice that the Champion 25 ton log splitter is not like other log splitters.  The 25 tons of driving force will undoubtedly double or triple the amount of wood you can split. It will definitely also save you a lot of time over other manual or electric log splitters.   

You will find that you can take the Champion 25 ton log splitter to remote locations and where you are not limited by the need for electricity.  The oversized tires provide for a smooth ride on paved roads but they will also get you down any dirt or gravel path.

What We Like

There are many satisfied customers who have praised the Champion 25 ton log splitter because it is a powerful and dependable log splitting machine.  Many reviewers love the fact that it can transform from horizontal to vertical in just seconds which eliminates lifting those large logs into the cradle.

In addition to this, people also loved the fact that this log splitter has large, oversized balloon tires which makes for easy transport.  It was also built to be extremely durable, resistant to the elements, and comes with a 2 year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.  

Champion Gas Log Splitter

The Champion 25 ton log splitter also received many positive reviews due to the easy starting of the engine.   It does have a pull cord start, but the engine starts easily every time.

Finally, many users love the fact that Champion provides excellent and dependable phone and email support.

What We Don’t Like

Although most reviewers had nothing but great things to say about the Champion 25 ton log splitter, there is also one negative note worth mentioning.

Some people found that the assembly required was a little confusing.  Since this is a large product, it is shipped in a crate and does require some assembly.  According to most people, assembly averaged about an hour if you are fairy handy.  The Champion technical support line is also extremely helpful if needed for assembly.

Our Buying Advice

The Champion 25-Ton is available from a few retailers, but Amazon offers the most competitive price starting at just under $1,600 including free shipping.  

Final Verdict

The Champion 25-Ton is an unbelievably powerful gas log splitting machine that is manufactured by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the power tool industry.

The Champion 25-Ton has earned our recommendation as one of the best in its class because of the many features and its price point.

Our Rating