Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton Review

Buying a log splitter can easily become a complicated process. That being said, finding the right log splitter can make your life a lot easier, so picking the right kind is pivotal.  Boss Industrial produces a line of log splitters to help ease the burden of splitting wood.   

If you are interested in finding the best log splitter you have to look at the size of your wood pile and location of the wood.  If you have the physical strength and stamina to manually split wood, then a manual log splitter or log splitting axe may be the best choice for you.

Even if you are not looking for an expensive gas log splitter, you can still get most of the features of a gas model in an electric log splitter.  Electric log splitters look similar to gas log splitters, but do not have some of the advanced features or high end splitting power. 

Boss Log Splitter

When looking for a log splitter, the first thing you have to keep in mind is the tons of splitting force. In addition to splitting force, you should always to look at the cradle size which determines the length of the logs it can split.  

Keeping the above in mind, we would like to bring the Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-ton electric log splitter to your attention. This durable splitting machine offers a powerful frame and durable build that makes it the ideal log splitter to get the job done.

About The Product

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter is an electric model which features a powerful 2 horsepower electric motor.  This Boss log splitter incorporates automatic ram return while showcasing its convenient one-handed operation.

Boasting a simple and sturdy design, the Boss Industrial features a red and black frame that weighs in at 106 pounds.  It is extremely easy to move and maneuver with the handle on the front and good sized, wobble-free tires in the rear.  

You will notice that this log splitter was designed with practicality in mind. It can be operated on a standard 110 electrical outlet, drawing up to 13.5 amps.  You can use this log splitter outside and indoors as well, as it is free of the harmful emissions that come with gas log splitters.  It is also safe to use with up to a 50 foot heavy duty 12 gauge electrical cord.      

Boss Log Splitter

The Boss electric log splitter stands 20.5 inches tall and features built-in side rails which keeps logs stabilized while they are being split.  The overall length of the machine is 40 inches and 13.5 inches wide making it an ideal portable model.  

In addition to this, you will be extremely pleased with the durability of this Boss log splitter.  The frame, legs and wheel assembly are all very well constructed and this machine also comes with a 2 year residential warranty.  

When it comes to durability and affordability, the Boss ES7T20 is an excellent buy for the price. It provides residential users great splitting power and dependability for under $500.  Its compact size make it an easy machine to store when not in use or to transport to different locations to help out others.  This makes it a perfect choice for people who need a portable and affordable electric log splitter.

What We Like

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is a rugged and durable electric log splitter, so there are plenty of online reviews praising its quality.  A lot of people claim that Boss log splitter is one of the most affordable electric log splitters available on the market.  The price point of the ES7T20 is at the low end of the power(electric or gas) log splitters and the high end of the manual models. 

Others also loved the fact that this log splitter is very easy to transport, making it an ideal option to splitting wood anywhere. Weighing only 106 pounds, it is easy to throw in an SUV or pickup truck and bring to a different location.  In addition, it can be used in remote areas in conjunction with a generator.

Boss Log Splitter

Lastly, many online reviewers loved the fact that the frame is very sturdy and the wheels that support the machine are not wobbly or cheap.  Some have had this splitter for years with constant use and it is still running strong.

What We Don’t Like

Although most of the reviews praised the Boss ES7T20, there were still some people who shared their cons of the machine.  Some people stated that the wedge is not tall enough for the sized logs they were attempting to split.  This appears to be an issue for people who are attempting to split very large diameter logs. Users of this machine need to keep in mind that this is a 7 ton log splitter and is not suitable for monster sized logs.  

Our Buying Advice

You can purchase the Boss ES7T20 from several different retailers, but Amazon offers the most competitive price just under $500.

Final Verdict

Boss is one of the most popular power tool manufacturers and the ES7T20 is one of their most durable and affordable machines. It’s powerful, dependable, and gives people a feeling of strength that can greatly enable them to split more wood in less time.

Thanks to these features, the Boss Industrial ES7T20 has earned our stamp of approval as one of the best electric log splitters available today.

Our Rating